How to change a rear windshield

Changing a rear window requires several tools and materials. The steps involve removing weather-stripping or waterproof adhesive coating that surrounds and seals the window in place. For a successful removal, have an assistant to help you remove and install the glass with ease. Use safety equipment before working with glass and other hazardous materials.

Use safety equipment. Ponte multipurpose gloves and goggles before proceeding to remove and install the glass.

From the outside, drill either side of the rubber weather-stripping with an extractor knife windshield. Spend garage cable into the cut you made. With a person inside the vehicle and the other outside, starts cutting the cable with all the adhesive paste to remove it.

If it was a seal inside the vehicle, remove all traces of this with an extractor knife windshield.

Press and then loosen the rear window from inside the vehicle by adding pressure will be much easier to remove the glass from your doorstep. Have an assistant outside the backlight car to grip the glass.

Removes any sticky substance around the threshold with a mild soap or commercial cleaner, clean dry.

Apply adhesive without primer around the perimeter, and let it dry for 15 minutes before urethane adhesive caulk on top of the adhesive without primer.

Choose a hatchback that matches the size and grade of the old window. Urethane adhesive applied along the perimeter of the rear glass. Make your assistant will help lift the rear window inside the perimeter to fit into the adhesive. Puts pressure on the rear window for a few minutes so that the adhesive can stay instead.

Let it dry for 24 hours.