How to change the windscreen wipers

The best visibility at the wheel is essential to drive safely and reliably, and for this, it is essential to drive with the windows and glass of the car in perfect condition; In case of rain, the work of the windshield wipers is key. You can change this item in a workshop, taking advantage of any set-up or maintenance. Or if you know how to change the windshield wipers, you can do it yourself. What you can never afford is to postpone this maintenance task.

It is easy to know when it is necessary to change the windshield wipers or brushes of the cars: simply, you must observe: if when you use them, the glass is not in perfect condition and you detect debris or dirt, for example, there is no doubt you have to change the wipers. Although it depends a lot on the use and care with which this element is used, as a general rule, you must change the windshield wipers at least every two years, according to the manufacturers’ recommendations.

If you have never done this task, do not worry: it’s simple, fast and you do not need any tools, just a little precision and care when handling the windshield wipers. The essential thing is to buy a spare that is suitable, since not all the cars assemble the same ones; If you have any doubts, go to the specialized stores with the instruction manual of your car and let yourself be advised.

Step by step to change the wipers:

  1. Operate the windshield wipers and stop when the arms are in the up position, lifted and as vertical as possible. Turn off the car.
  2. You have to release the upper part of the mobile arm of each of the two windshield wipers. Carefully lift the rod: each car has different clamping mechanisms, but they are usually very simple and easy; consult the instructions of yours if you do not see it clearly or you cannot separate them easily, because, in general, a little pressure in the exact place is enough to detach them.
  3. Discard the old and/or damaged brush, replace the new ones that you have purchased with the same ease, following the advice of the manufacturer of your vehicle. It is usually necessary to place an adapter on the bottom part, which is left in the car, on which the new ones are attached.
  4. When you have changed the two elements, it is best to test them before use in order to verify that they have been well fixed and are safe. Re-start the car and operate the windshield wipers and check that they work correctly at all speeds and functions.

With only four simple and quick steps, you know how to change the windshield wipers, since it is a maintenance task that will not take you long and that, nevertheless, it is very important to perform on time, correctly and whenever necessary. You should not lose sight of the fact that windshield wipers are not an aesthetic element of the car, but a key accessory for safety and better driving.

Visibility at the wheel is seriously affected and compromised if you do not have a new and effective windshield wipers that can perform in the best way, both its cleaning function as the removal and evacuation, as quickly and completely as possible, the water in case of driving in rain or snow.

Now that you know how to change the windshield wipers, do not postpone or delay this essential maintenance task and enjoy a safer and protected driving with wipers in perfect condition. Do not compromise your safety or that of other road users: always be responsible for all the safety details involved in driving, among others, the windshield wipers and the car insurance policy.