How to create a successful Auto glass installation business

Establishing a successful auto glass installation business requires proper technical certification, business registration and attention to inventory, insurance and promotions.


  1. The first step is to request certification through an accepted national certifying body. The National Glass Association and the independent glass association currently offer certification courses. The basic requirements are similar for both organizations. Applicants require six months of experience in the self-verifiable glass sector and 50 percent of their income is derived through auto glass work.
  2. Second, choose a strong place to start the business. Important factors to include vehicle and equipment storage capacity, customer access, market visibility, municipal zoning regulations and proximity to auto repair organizations. Contact commercial real estate agencies to access local lease rates for office / business space.
  3. Third, register your business with the appropriate state or municipal business licensing agency. You will have to choose the right business structure, so do some research to decide which suites your goals best. Options include an individual company, corporation, limited liability company, corporation, or nonprofit. It will be necessary to present the correct documentation and pay the necessary fees for the requirements that go from registration of commercial name to incorporation of companies. Contact information for most business licensing agencies can be found in the blue pages (government) of the local phone book. You can also find fees, proper registration criteria and online applications through the local county clerk.
  4. The next step is to buy inventory. You will have to dedicate a vehicle for any mobile service that it will offer. There is a usual need to purchase equipment such as computer terminals, database and invoice software, office telephones and fax machines. You must also acquire the right tools. Several large organizations such as Aegean international tools and AG distributors provide a complete list of trade tools and the necessary equipment.
  5. You will have to investigate the insurance billing process. Depending on the services you provide, a large part of your business can be driven by insurance and accident related references. The insurance billing process plays a vital role in the customer’s payment. They should develop relationships with the leading auto insurers in the area to adequately promote their services. Conferences and workshops from the local industry can provide good opportunities to build a network of contacts.
  6. Finally, you will need to have a solid marketing plan. Develop a reference partnership with new and used dealerships. They can also look to partner with towing companies and auto repair shops. To implement a print advertising campaign, publish professional flyers and brochures in places where large groups of potential customers congregate. These are laundries, bowling alleys, gyms and large stores. Purchase business cards to give clients and potential referral partners during meetings or events. They can also offer customer-oriented programs such as 24-hour service, free service for new clients.