How to check and replace windshields

20% of accidents are caused by poor visibility. Worn or damaged windshields can be a hazard, although often you can hold them longer than you should. If they cannot clean the moon properly, they will not be able to see what is in front of them properly and they are endangering their own lives and those of other people.

Normally, windshields will last from 12 to 18 months unless they are damaged. If they begin to spread rainwater instead of cleaning it, or leave parts of the moon untouched, then it will be time to replace them immediately.

A windshield repair is not the most advisable and for what they are worth, the replacement is the most viable. If they are doing their job the way it should be, they should still be checked from time to time to find signs of breakage or if they are becoming brittle at the edges.

The only cure for a worn or broken windshield is its replacement and both parts must be replaced. It is recommended to replace the entire part of the windshield and not just the rubber, since the damage covers the entire element.

When you buy windshields of whatever type, the first thing to see is whether they are compatible with the vehicle looking at the model and the year of manufacture. In the same package, you can see the instructions to make the change.

Quick guide to change the windshields

  • Raise the windscreen arm away from the moon. Remove the movable blade from the fixed part by pushing the locking tabs inward. This may vary depending on the model. Again, it is advisable to look at the instructions that come in the purchase envelope. This is done only on one of the windshields. Leave the other one without removing since it will be able to serve as a reference.
  • Take the new windshield blade and ensure that it is placed in the correct position to be installed. If you’re not sure you’re getting well, look at the other windshield to be a guide.
  • Insert the piece into the slots where the old windshield was previously. Basically, it is the opposite action of what was done before. Verify that it is well placed when making a ‘click’ and that it remains as the second one that still needs to be changed.
  • Lower the arm so that it is stuck back to the windshield. Before changing the other arm of the windshield, check that when activated it works well and that it cleans the moon correctly. If so, repeat all steps with the next windshield.