How to clean and protect the car glass and maximum windshield

For me one of the most important things is to keep my car clean. And with that one of the hardest things to keep the glass clean. Why do you need to clearly see that this can generally be a threat and it will be difficult to take care of? This guide will show you the steps to follow to clean, and prevent the glass, and the supplies I use to clean my glasses cleaning.

Cleaning and treatment

Usually some would say that the first step is to clean the glass when washing the car, but as that is not what this guide is about we ignore that, and I’ll show you how to clean the glass when between washes, or without having to do no washing.

First I want to go through the windshield. The first step is cleaning. In the best brand I’ve found is invisible glass, made by the Stoner company. It is observed in many shows as seen on television, and what really is the best. It does exactly what its name is, and makes the crystal invisible. They have a version of the rain repellent on it, but they will adjust it as this step later.

Now that the windshield is cleaned with an invisible glass, you can do one of two steps. 1 – you can clay bar, or two – you can use alcohol. The clay bar treatment suggests that if you wash the car, and use a clay bar in your car, then go ahead and make the windshield as well.

If you do not wash the entire machine, then use alcohol. What this step does, you will take all the impurities in the glass that the invisible glass could be lost. These are things that cannot be seen, but if you have any of sap, tar, or other disorders fixed to the glass that will take care of it.

Now that the crystal is clean and free of impurities, we have the final step. This is phase protection. Here you can apply a layer of Rain the windshield. This will help the windshield wipers, or in my case to make sure I do not need anything at all. Follow the Rain instructions, which usually include a coat, and then let it dry, and wash with the tube or remove off. I prefer to clean, because the tube will create water spots in your paint, unless you want to create more work for yourself and dry the machine and then, so cleaning is usually the best option.

To clean the rest of the windows you can follow the first two steps, but do not use Rain, it’s not only a waste, but you can leave a film on another windshield differentiating windows. Then follow the first two steps, but leave the past with Rain out.

So there you have it, the tips you need to make sure your windshield is clean and nice. In general, this will help you clean and treat the windows. I will offer the items you use below so you can look and see when you go to the store, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please send me a message, or leave a comment below.