How to clean the glasses without leaving stains

Visibility is a determining factor in driving safety, which is why it is important to clean the windows correctly to ensure that no stains bother the driver. The question is how to clean the glass without leaving stains because, for this, it is not enough to take advantage of rainwater or go to a sink and let the crystals dry on their own.

How to clean the glasses without leaving stains, smudges or impurities

This process must be carried out periodically. One of the maxims that no one should forget is that the more time elapsed between one cleaning and the other, the more difficult it is to achieve the desired result and completely eliminate the stains. As a rule, the recommendation is to start by washing the complete car, preferably by hand or with pressurized water, since the brushes of the washing tunnels can leave traces or marks on the windows.

Next, it is necessary to rinse the crystals and dry them with a dry cloth, to eliminate all the remains of wax or cleaning products that may have remained on them. Applying yourself to the task with patience and determination is key when it comes to cleaning the crystals without leaving marks. But it is not the only thing.

The next step is the same, or more, important: clean the crystals from within. This requires a bucket of warm water, soap and a sponge. After washing, and thoroughly dry them with a suitable cloth, it is advisable to apply a household glass cleaner that includes at least 5% alcohol. Then, with a chamois that is not microfiber, it is necessary to rub with energy until all the remains or annoying spots disappear completely. This is the process that best answers the question of how to clean the glasses without leaving stains.

Some tips and additional suggestions on how to clean glass without leaving marks

The saying goes that every teacher has his book. And, in a way, something similar happens also with regard to the cleaning of glass in cars. The initial use of a hose under pressure on the glass is a practice generally recommended by almost everyone, but it is not so much that, after rubbing the moons with a damp cloth impregnated with soap, they should be dried with newspaper: Contrary to what it seems, this material does not scratch or leave any type of remains, so it becomes a suitable domestic solution to achieve the desired result. Finally, it is necessary to remember that there are other crystals in the car besides the windshield, and they are the windows and the rear window. The rear view mirrors should also look good for security reasons.