How to fix an automatic windshield

Cracks and chips on windshields are, unfortunately, a common occurrence. Small cracks and splinters are dangerous if left unattended. A small crack will eventually spread, so you need to replace your windshield. A crack at certain points on the windshield can easily distract a driver or interfere with his vision. Repairing a crack in the windshield will take about 30 minutes and costs between $ 10 to $ 15 for a windshield kit.


  1. Purchase a windshield repair kit at an auto parts store. The repair kit will have a suction device and a resin or glue product to repair the crack.
  2. Thoroughly clean the crack with a can of compressed air. Make the interior of the windshield as well as the exterior. The goal is to remove all small pieces of loose glass. Remove stubborn pieces of glass loose with a razor blade.
  3. Wipe the surface around the crack with a window cleaner. This helps the suction device to adhere better to the window.
  4. Place the suction device over the crack. The center of the device should be directly above the crack.
  5. Insert the repair tube into the suction device. Screw firmly into place. Look at the tube on the inside of the windshield and make sure that the tip of the tube is perfectly aligned with the crack.
  6. Open the tube and fill the crack with two to four drops of glue. Remove the repair tube from the suction device.
  7. Insert the plunger into the suction device and tighten to the bottom. Loosen for one minute to release the air bubbles and tighten again.
  8. Remove the suction device. Place a piece of clear finish film over the repaired crack. Press the edges of the tail towards the edges. This helps to dilute the glue. Glue the film to prevent it from flying. Remove the film after 15 minutes. Let the repair work to cure for 24 hours before driving the car.