How to fix auto glass scratches

The windows of your car are constantly exposed to inclement weather, road debris and other elements of nature, causing an inevitable wear and tear on the glass. Some of these scratches may seem irreversible, but many of them can be repaired without Look for a professional service. It only takes a small investment and a little more time to deal with the auto glass scratches yourself.

Things you’ll need glass repair kit

  • Car
  • Distilled water
  • Car wash soap
  • Towel
  • Microfiber
  • Terry screenshot
  • Rotary Dampening Instructions


  1. Determine the type of scratch you need to repair. Your nail should run smoothly through it if it is a surface scratch. These are fully repairable with the proper materials. The scratches that catch the nail when you run through them however, Are too deep for simple repair.
  2. Deep fills require you to have the entire window or the windshield replaced professionally.
  3. Buy a glass or windshield repair kit from your local auto sourcing store. Permute, Stoner and Pro Windshield are some of the most popular and affordable manufacturers of this product. Each kit includes a rubbing compound that will be the solution to your scratches of glass of the car.
  4. Prepare the damaged glass by cleaning with car wash soap and water. Distilled water is recommended in order to avoid contaminants such as sand and chemicals commonly found in the hose water. The water is intended to wash at the same time Away from the worn glass and keep the area cool. Heated glass can become distorted, perhaps making worse scratches. For this reason you should also avoid repairing scratches in direct sunlight.
  5. Rinse the beaker thoroughly and dry with a microfiber towel to make sure you have cleaned up any debris. Once the area is completely dry, apply polishing compound to the scratch according to the recommended amount indicated on the carton. Some require you to apply it with a clean cloth, while other brands are safe to apply with your hands.
  6. Allow the compound to settle for the right amount of time before polishing the area. You may choose to use a hand polishing towel, but a small rotary buff as the “Ryobi 10 orbital buffer is much more efficient. The paste quickly and completely without applying too much pressure. When you scratch the scratch as indicated, wipe the rest of the compound by rubbing and check that there are no signs of damage to the glass. If a scratch persists, repeat the process as necessary.