How to fix large cracks in the windshield

If your vehicle is old enough, it is likely that your windshield will get bounced or cracked. Replacing an entire windshield can be costly and not environmentally friendly. In many cases the windshield does not need to be replaced, particularly if the damage is minor. Most small chips and cracks can be easily repaired. You can do the job yourself in a few steps.


  • Prepare the windshield by thorough cleaning of the cracked area. Before starting the repair process, make sure the windshield is clean, free of debris, and completely dry.
  • Take a razor blade and scrape off any excess glass particles that might be trapped in the crack itself, as well as any dry sap, cracks, or other debris.
  • Clean the windshield with plenty of soap and water, and allow to dry. Once completely dry, apply crystal clear solution. Solutions come in a variety of types, including chemical-based and eco-friendly.
  • Follow the instructions that come in the car glass repair kit, making sure to follow the exact steps. The synthetic glass resin used in these kits can be volatile if not applied correctly.
  • Apply the liquid crystal compound syringe inside the crack, breaking and pulling the syringe through the length of the fissure slowly. Use your watch or watch in time precisely these movements so the resin will fill in the crack without allowing the air bubbles trapped.
  • Fill the entire crack from end to end with the resin, then let stand under direct sunlight or an ultraviolet lamp. UV rays will chemically alter the resin from a liquid to a solid state.
  • Let the resin set for several hours to allow the curing process to finish. Once finished, use your razor blade to scrape excess resin from the windshield.