How to install a mopar windshield

Windshields are one of the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle. Due to their constant exposure to the elements as well as the risk of other vehicle propulsion small rocks or other projectiles towards them, windshields can make dent, crack or break with relative ease compared to other components of your automobile.

You can also replace the windshield quite easily – especially if you are installing a Mopar windshield. The process will take some time to complete, and you will need at least one other person. Compared to some other automotive repairs that you may need in the future, however, replacing a windshield is relatively simple.


  • Wrap two wooden blocks in towels, put them about 30 centimeters apart and place the Mopar windshield down on top of them so you’re inside face is facing up.
  • Clean the inside of the windshield with a clean cloth and ammonia-based window cleaner.
  • Apply a 1-inch wide layer of adhesive promoter around the outer edge of the windshield with a 1-inch wide paint brush, then apply a layer of primer glass to the top of the adhesive promoter. Allow the primer to dry for three to five minutes.
  • Remove the original urethane from the windshield fence, which is a pinch weld where your windshield seal is and is located along the outer edge of the windshield frame in the vehicle. Apply a 3/4 inch-wide layer of weld primer, and allow it to dry. Apply a 7/16 inch wide-urethane cord to the center line of the windshield fence.
  • Lower the windshield down so that it rests on the windshield fence, guiding the molding around the outer edge of the windshield as needed.
  • Push the windshield inward until the molding is flat with the roof of the vehicle.
  • Apply several pieces of masking tape to the molding to hold the mold and windshield in place. Hold the tape in place until the urethane has cured, then remove the tape and test the windshield by spraying it with a garden hose. If you have done the job correctly, you will do not leak.