How to remove car windshield wiper blades

Front wiper blades differ in how they connect to the respective wiper arms. Many cars use a hook arm connector, and the wiper blade fits into the one “hook” at the end of the wipers. Other cars may use a mounting tab system or pin push. Regardless of these differences, removing them requires a process that is fundamentally similar in design. The process is simple, especially, and the windshield wipers can be removed in a few minutes.


  1. Move the wiper arm on the driver’s side to a vertical position.
  2. Put the safety hook in the center of the blade and release it. Some types of cleaners, such as pin assemblies, do not have a safety clip; Can pop, slide a flat screwdriver between the connector and the end of the wiper arm.
  3. Pull the wiper blade on the end of the arm.
  4. Put a towel on the windshield and lower your arm over it. This will prevent the arm from accidentally damaging the glass.
  5. Repeat this process on the front passenger side wiper.