Windshield breaks

Many people resort to the repair shop to repair the damage on the glass and then the cost of a replacement worth hundreds of dollars in work and tools. However, you need not be in that case. In many circumstances, rather than replace the entire windshield, you can use a windshield repair kit to repair small damage marks and pitting of the glass as with stones and at a fraction of the cost.

Glass on automobile windshield is made of a laminate of at least two sheets of glass and a polymer resin. The resin is designed to hold the glass pieces together to not spread inside the car causing injury. Because of the laminar structure of a windshield repair is possible.

Usually, in the case of a bite by stone, only one of the glass sheets is damaged, while the other side remains intact. If the sting stone moved more than a sheet or is located right in the center of the field of vision, then you should consider replacing the entire windshield.

As the cracks spread, glass weakens and eventually may end up crumbling under the pressure, which is very dangerous for the driver and any passengers in the car.