Windshield Repair

The windshield of a car is constantly subjected to forces trying to break: air force and wind, blows of foreign objects.

Many of the hits received let small breaks occur in windshield exterior glass and sometimes compromise the overall integrity and is necessary to be replaced.

Replacing a windshield takes between 1 and 2 hours, reaching a fairly high cost about $ 400 when it comes to original windshield while a lower quality will cost about $ 200.

Obviously it is advisable to replace the windshield broken with a original one as it ensures that will not produce serious harm to passengers in the event of a crash.

The original windshield is made of tempered glass with a protective polycarbonate sheet, so that in case of breakage by shock, large portions of glass could injure or even kill the passengers when is released.

Tempered glass is made by a type of glass reinforced and hardened with thermal processes during manufacture. The windshield have also an arc shape with convex-projects outwardly increasing resistance to external wind thrust when circulating at high speeds.

Besides, the original windshield brings a higher band dyed with eye protection for front passengers, while many aftermarket windshields not.

The drawing below shows the structure of a laminated windshield, two layers of tempered glass and shaped note separated by a sheet of clear polycarbonate arc whose function is security.

Wiper blades are more elaborate protection against UVA and UVB radiation that cover the entire windshield, radiations that are harmful to the eyes and filtering sheets against heat.

These filter sheets protect against heat block entry of excessive solar heat into the car, providing comfort to passengers and achieving a reduction in fuel consumption by use of adjustable air conditioning.

Windshield repair procedure

  • Polish affected area with a diamond drills, a mini drill.
  • Make holes at the ends of the lines to prevent spreading.
  • Clean the waste of glass powder.
  • Inject transparent resin; this light-cured resin is hardened or polymerized with a halogen light that is applied for about 10 minutes.

Transparent windshield repair resin and curing

  • In cases of small lines you need a suction resin so that resin permeates small spaces filled, after that you can use the lamp for photo curing resin.
  • Resin impregnated area is covered with a plastic strip so that the resin does not pull out during application of halogen (wavelength 400 nm) light.
  • Using a knife clean hardened resin over; it is necessary to avoid scratching the windshield with the blade.