Windshield Repair

Repairing a windshield is a real saving for you. The cost of repair is cheaper than changing the windshield. After repair, there is only an imperceptible sign of impact. Once repaired, the windshield is as solid as when it was new. Not to mention the time savings. In effect, your vehicle will not be immobilized for over an hour.

Method and process

The repair method is simple, fast and effective. The technique involves injecting a chemical resin in the impact through special devices. The resin is hardened with UV lamp and finally, the excess material is removed to give a perfect finish.


The quality of repairs is guaranteed by the products used and knowledge of the professionals in repair center. The resins used are of high specification and make a durable repair. It allow repair of all types of laminated windshields.

 In which case you should change your windshield:

  • If the impact is in its field of view
  • If the size of the impact is greater than 15 mm.
  • if the number of hits is too high (> 2 hits)

To change your windshield work must be performed by qualified personnel. The substitution method is delicate, so it is preferable to use professionals who have the sole authority to make the change or replace your windshield.