Windshield Repair Information

At one end of the spectrum of security, a chipped or cracked windshield can be a hassle. At the other end, a cracked windshield can be a serious safety issue. How should your windshield repaired it depends on the type of problem and the severity of the problem. Understanding the various aspects of windshield repair we will help you find the right solution repair.

Rock chips

The rapid repair of windshields rock chips can help prevent windshield replacement which is more expensive. Rock chips up to about the size of a coin of the United States can be repaired by filling with epoxy and let area harden. Although the chip will usually be visible and windshield will experience any further damage. Many insurance companies will pay for the rock chip repair with no deductible to avoid future repairs that could cost more. Besides the services of rock chip repair are available also kits for you to repair the chip yourself.

Small cracks

Small cracks in the windshield, up to 2 or 3 inches long, often can be repaired. Repair prevent a small crack grow in length and requires a complete replacement of the windshield. For smaller cracks than a inch or two kits that will allow you to repair the crack itself are available. Larger cracks will require a visit to a specialist auto glass or mechanic.

Large cracks

Large cracks or fissures that have spreader require complete replacement of the windshield. Large cracks could affect the structural integrity of the windshield, especially if they are large speared areas that have been caused by a large object, like a rock.

The elimination of the windshield

Although it is possible for you to replace your windshield as your windshield contributes to crash safety and structural integrity of your car. It may be better to have your windshield replaced by a National Glass Association (NGA) certified repair service. If you choose to replace the windshield yourself, the first step is to remove the windshield. This is usually done by cutting the existing time stamping and pressing the windshield from inside the car.


When installing the windshield makes sure it is properly sealed to prevent leakage sealing during storms. The sealant is often the glue that holds the windshield in place. Some windshield uses a rubber mount that holds the windshield on the car. Other windshields use a curing adhesive to create a waterproof barrier between the interior and exterior of the car.