Windshield Repair Secrets

In some cases, glass repair is a cost alternative for windshield replacement. Windshield repair can be done by a professional or an amateur using a do-it-yourself kit. However, for correctly repair there are some facts that often overlooked to be explained by the person doing the job.


The crack should be cleaned thoroughly with compressed air. Glass splinters and loose debris must be removed before the windshield was repaired, as they can become unsightly stains if left behind during the repair process.

Glass composition

One of the biggest misconceptions is that the windshield is made entirely of glass. A layer of polyvinyl butyrin is actually present in the center of the windshield. This ensures that in the case of broken glass pieces will adhere to the material instead of being thrown astray. When the windshield is repaired, it may be necessary also to fix glass polyvinyl butyrin. The resin used to fix the windshield is also designed to repair the layer of polyvinyl butyrin.

Nature of the chip or crack

Another little known fact is that not all cracks and chips can be repaired. Spots that fall within the driver’s field of vision cannot be repaired, as distortions or irregularities may be evident after repair. Smaller than 30 inches can be often repaired, but beyond that often are not repairable.