Windshield replacement and repair

Windshields are also parts of protection and security. Today cars have windshields that follow the aerodynamic lines and some even continue in the ceiling. They are the result from a complex technology to solve modern contemporary design.

The laminated safety windshields are constituted by alternating layers of glass sheets and PVB to achieve greater security. Two glasses are assembled and held together, alternating between a sheet of vinyl butyrin, tear-resistant and elastic (PVB). In a collision, the PVB interlayer holds the glass fragments together, ensuring transparency and cohesion of the windshield. As this glass is much harder, it is important to wear a seatbelt.

Repair or replacement windshield is a common concern after a crash or when on the road the surface is hit by a stone. Bites or cracks can be corrected in some cases, without changing the entire piece of glass.

In Argentina is a manufacturer of windshield and rear windows providing businesses dedicated to health problems of automotive glass; the brand is Pilkington.

Damage to the windshield, as pitting and cracking, caused by shock and hail, are no longer a problem using a resin treatment; the process is offered with guaranteed results and windshield will be able to pass a technical inspection.

Not suitable ink the windshield, an upper band can serve to protect from the intense sun. The law restricts the polarized or tinted glass in the car.

The security laminate is applied to increase the resistance of the glass to shocks, e.g. attempted theft or accidental collisions. The application is offered as the inking or polarized.

The crystals can also be shielded to address safety issues for the advancement of crime.