Wrangler Windshield Replacement Instructions

Automotive windshield provides protection from the elements while driving and a clear view of the road. Road hazards flying debris and rocks bounce off the road and break the glass forming cracks or holes. When temperatures change from hot to cold or vice versa, a crack in the glass itself will extend across the windshield, so it is not safe to drive. A state inspection sticker is not available for vehicles with large cracks because of the danger of falling window. Replacing a windshield on a Jeep Wrangler and other vehicles for safety and good visibility while driving is needed.


  • Slide a removal tool car cut between the seat and windshield, moving the tool along the windshield. When the tool meets the windshield clip will stop and not move easily, twisting the handle of the clip removal tool. The tool easily slide along again until the next clip is reached. Repeat this process around the perimeter of the windshield.
  • Place the blade of a knife between the windshield and seat.
  • Cut the seal around the perimeter of the windshield.
  • Go inside the Jeep and press the windshield gently from the top, while an assistant catches the windshield on the outside of the vehicle. Turn the top downwards towards the chapel. Pull the windshield with a person on each side, setting aside the windshield on a surface with a blanket over it to avoid scratching.
  • Remove all pieces turning the screws counterclockwise and pulling them out for adjustment. Tighten the screws and set aside.
  • Press scraper at an angle of 45 degrees against the windshield frame. Slide the scraper back and forth to remove any glue or joint parts.
  • Clean the windshield frame with isopropyl alcohol and a shop rag to remove debris. Clean new windshield in the same manner.
  • Press each clip windshield within the windshield openings. Replace the decorative pieces on the windshield with screws.
  • Set the new seal on the new windshield glass with the flat side toward the glass. Press the top of a can of butyl sealant flow grade and fill the canal next to the glass. This will attach the label on the windshield.
  • Let the sealer dry for about 10 minutes to form a strong bond.
  • Place a piece of 3/8 inch nylon rope around the perimeter of the windshield of its size. Add about 12 centimeters and cut the nylon cord with scissors. Insert the center of the nylon in the outer channel of the board of windshield in the top center. Press the string on the right side in the channel around the bottom center. Repeat this process for the left side. There will be about six inches of extra cord in the center of each side at the bottom hanging.
  • Adjust the windshield into the opening, aligning the slots on the windshield molding with the clips. Start by pulling the right end of the rope slowly while pressing the left side in the center opening. Continue this process until all the slack is removed and the windshield is in the outer groove of the board.

Tips & Warnings

  • Place a blanket or towel on the hood of the jeep when removing a cracked windshield. The windshield can be broken into pieces and small pieces and blanket capture them so they can be easily removed. This also reduces the risk of cuts on sharp edges. Modern windshields are made of safety glass that breaks into the streets, but it is still possible to be cut by pieces.
  • Take your time cutting a whole windshield seal to avoid scratching or breaking glass.