Changing the window glass rear door 2002 Toyota Camri

There are few things more annoying for the owner of a Toyota Camry driving with a window into disrepair. Unlike body damage that may overlook when you’re in the auto, scratches, chips and cracks in window glass, are often at the sight when driving. Because it is very likely that the glass is expensive, can save some money on labor, because if you have basic knowledge of automotive repair and some free time, you can replace the glass of the window rear door of your Toyota Camry 2002 yourself.


  1. Use the removal tool to pry and remove the window switch bezel and door panel. Remove the screws holding the door panel with the Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Lift the door panel, remove it by hand, and then set it aside.
  3. Push the old glass top slot window and paste it in place with tape. Sure to fold the edges of the tape to facilitate removal.
  4. Detach the window regulator bottom of the glass using the set of keys. Hold the glass in place and remove the packing tape by hand.
  5. Tilt the glass of the window forward, and then lift it up and out of the door through the outside of the window opening. Leave the glass aside.
  6. Slide the new glass window door down the opposite of how you removed the previous .Paste the new glass into a fully upright with packing tape.
  7. Screw the window regulator glass with the new set of keys. Reinstall the door panel to the reverse of how you removed, and then remove the packing tape from the new glass.

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